Stable Panels

Our stable panels are made from Allgal RHS steel that use an unique system to fix the ply to the panel without screws- eliminating sharp edges


  • Bolt together in minutes
  • Standard size panel is 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.40mm or they can be custom built to suit your needs


  Stable Panel Options:

The choice between Bars or Mesh

  • Bars- 20mm x 20mm x 1.6mm each and standard gap of 70mm

    Can custom built bars to have options of 50mm or 60mm gaps between bars

  • Mesh- 75mm x 50mm x 5mm Gal mesh



In need of a feed storage solution for your tack room?

Give Steve a call from Hay Shed Australia for 100% vermin proof feed storage bin.

Ph: 0408 310 010



 The choice of ply or hardwood


  • 17mm F22 Form ply 
  • 17mm CD Structure ply 
  • 19mm T/G Hardwood Ply 



The choice of door type

  • Full swing 
  • Swinging with interior top door 
  • Full Sliding
  • Sliding with internal top door
  • Removable grills in bar doors